ChangeUp Coaching

Coaching – discover the matching solution.

I do not see things clearly at all times. If this sometimes also happen to you, ChangeUp is the perfect match to regain clarity about the problematic situation and develop matching solutions. When doing so, I focus on the present and the future rather than the problematic past. This enables you in a short time to take a first step towards the desired change.

My areas of expertise.


You get many questions and inputs from me for reflexion , so that your grey matter a.k.a. your solution generator is stimulated. I keep my expertise in the background and rely mainly on your abundance of experience.


In addition to being asked questions, you would also like to receive content-related inputs on topics such as leadership, team dynamics, communication, conflict management, etc. Such explanations and inputs enrich your knowledge and lead to knew ideas about solutions.


Interested? Contact me for further information.