Forging ahead 

Effective support for you, your team and your organization

Get clear on where you want to go and what you want to achieve. Align your team and truly work together. Identify shared goals and values as an organizational unit or a company to collaborate more effectively. 
With my support, what may seem challenging can be achieved with ease.

How others experience working with me

"Pascal has proven to be an exceptionally knowledgeable and caring coach. His expertise is not limited to his role as a lecturer and coach; Pascal also stands out for his exceptional organizational skills and the respectful, caring manner in which he interacts with everyone. Working with him has been a genuinely pleasant experience, attributable to his professionalism and personal demeanor.”

Samira Haghbin - Chair of Entrepreneurship, ETH Zurich

"I particularly appreciated the down-to-earth attitude and pragmatism [...]. His human warmth, coupled with a few very helpful tools, made a decisive contribution to ensuring that we achieved quick and productive implementation."

Dorothea Bergler - Co-Head Institutional Fundraising, Swiss Red Cross

"We were thrilled with the process and the results: Pascal responded flexibly to our wishes, consciously set priorities, and accompanied us through this learning journey. The combination of facilitation expertise, extensive knowledge of organizational and team development."

Bigna Krause - Business Analyst, Bedag Informatik AG

Examples of past collaboration

Contribution to Cultural Transformation

Interavtive webinars about feedbabck @Migros Industry

Enabling of Leaders

Taylormade seminars about leadership skills @AO Foundation

Leadership Coaching

Support during challenging leadership situations

Working on Self Leadership

Seminar about self leadership and ressourcen management

Team Development

Support to leadership team @Astra

Moderation Management Event

Design and moderation management event @Swiss Red Cross

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