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Over the years, I have created many effective organizational development tools that may also be helpful for you. Following the motto “sharing is caring,” I offer these to you for your own use.

Leading in the world of tomorrow

The world of work, and with it leadership, is changing. What will the future hold? Will there still be a need of leaders and what will their tasks be? With your team, playfully discover what tomorrow's leadership might look like.


 Kartenset Führen Morgen


 Cards Leading Tomorrow

Orientation for the shift to agility/self-organization

How much agility do you want? Here enters the Transformation Map. Created through much hard thinking, many iterations, and an expert visualization by a communication agency - this tool will help you find answers. 
As an aggregation of previously published maturity models, the Transformation Map (written in German) gives you an overview of all the potentially relevant areas of a transformation. It takes important factors of a work environment into account and makes it clear that the focus cannot always be on one's own development, but rather on the interaction with that greater context. And it is development-oriented: Through dialogue you identify what works, and you derive next steps together as a team.

Transformation Map

Auswertung Resultate (generell)

Auswertung Resultate (detailliert)

Mindset exploration

Whether self-organized or collaborating within traditional organizational structures: our mindset, our ways of thinking, are crucial to ensuring that common goals are set and, above all, achieved. In their book Spiral Dynamics, Don Beck and Chris Cowan describe different levels of consciousness in people, teams, and organizations and how these can be developed. My summary of their method can help you get started with this topic.

Einführung zu Spiral Dynamics

Accompany change processes

Change is the new constant. But is there always a need for change? And what aspects should you attend to during periods of change? Check in about whether your work environment is ready for a change and explore your own motivation for such change. Or read through the compilation of different change models to amplify your own knowledge of processes for change.

Zusammenstellung zu Change-Prozessen

ReadinessCheck für Führungskräfte

ReadinessCheck für Team

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