Room togrow

Effective Team- and Organizational Development

Working together in a team is not always as smooth as desired: Areas of responsibility and interfaces change and need to be clarified again. Change fatigue, corrosive energy, or personal conflicts can all hinder collaboration. A strategy, a new organizational structure, a culture: these have to be implemented at every organizational level in order to reap their full potential and benefits.

I offer you the space to work on such topics as: discovering root problems; expressing both wishes and fears; finding the energy for change and realignment; agreeing on goals and paths to achieve them.

  • Team development: with my structured approach, business knowhow, and a big dose of empathy, you will gain clarity about areas for action and growth so as to develop actionable solutions.

  • Agile transformationen and shift to self-organization: with my input, working on mindset, gaining new skills and methods, or initiating new forms of collaboration  becomes easier.

  • Intercultural collaboration: learn about cultural differences and how collaboration can work well not in spite of such variances but because of them.

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