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Motivational Coaching

Perhaps you are like me and do not always know how to face life’s challenges. In such situations, I am at your side with smart questions, analytical tools and a large dose of empathy to help you truly understand your problems and develop actionable solutions. When doing so, I focus on goals more than problems so that you experience lasting shifts in a short time​.

In my view, a coaching should be as individual as you and your current challenges. So I adapt my support to you and your needs.

  • Classical coaching: I will ask a lot of questions and offer a lot of mirroring about what I hear in order to stimulate your grey matter (aka your solution generator). I keep my expert knowhow in the background, centering primarily on your own experience.

  • Advisory consulting: In addition to being asked questions, you also wish to benefit from input about topics such as leadership, team dynamics, communication, conflict management, etc. Short, guided learning moments complement your own insights and therefore create varied solutions.

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