Make sparks fly

Interactive Moderation.

Management events, roadshows, or other large events are meant to inspire, build positive energy, and make information tangible. So often, these instead prompt us to snooze off. I support you in building exciting interactive designs and with an inspiring moderation so that people shine and their content resonates with participants.

From 20 to 700 people, from information sharing to large group workshops, from frills to down-to-earth - the event and its content must suit you. We will develop a design and moderation style that you truly love.

  • ​Interactive designs: Do you need alternatives to traditionally conveying content? I will provide you with a variety of alternatives that are exciting and easy to implement.
  • Fresh moderation: I thrive in setting the stage for others. Whether in German, French or English, my moderation will enrich your event and suffuse it with a bit of charm and wit.

Interested? Contact me by phone or  e-mail for more information!